Painted Rocks

Moraine State Park Bike Path Have you ever noticed painted rocks with nice messages on your walk, hike or at the park? The idea behind painting rocks and leaving them about in nature is for people to find them and to feel inspired or to receive a positive reminder. The person who finds a rock … Continue reading Painted Rocks

Let’s Talk about Anxiety with Sam Becker and Shannon Mick, NCC, LPC: Shannon’s personal story, counseling sessions, anxiety and management

Before we dive into a seriously good conversation on anxiety, here's some background information about Sam and Shannon. Sam Becker Sam Becker, born and raised in Los Angeles, California, is a Mindset Business Coach and creator of Entrepreneur With... After suffering through mindset issues of his own for 10+ years, he finally decided to make ultimate … Continue reading Let’s Talk about Anxiety with Sam Becker and Shannon Mick, NCC, LPC: Shannon’s personal story, counseling sessions, anxiety and management

Self-Care Assessment

Use this assessment to check-in with yourself to see how you're doing with self-care. Self-care activities are the things that we do to maintain our mental, physical, spiritual, and professional well-being. You’ll find that many of the activities listed below are ones that you already do in your daily routine. In this assessment, you will … Continue reading Self-Care Assessment


Short talk about self-care, something that seems easy, but it’s actually kind of difficult to do. I feel this topic is covered so much, but yet, we all still struggle with it. I can’t think of a single person, myself included, who could be practicing self-care more frequently or in a way that’s more beneficial. … Continue reading EXTRA SELF-CARE AND HEALTHY HABITS, SOMETHING WE ALL NEED.

Being Fearless, Accomplishing a Dream

Think of something that you’ve always dreamed of doing. Travel? Opening a business? Contacting someone you haven’t talked to in a long time or ever? Dumping an unhealthy habit that you have been clinging to? It can be anything. It is probably overwhelming to think about and you might be afraid of the process. I’m … Continue reading Being Fearless, Accomplishing a Dream

“Unfinished Business” Letter

To help resolve any unfinished business that you have with another person, write a letter. This may be written to a person who has hurt or wronged you, and who is no longer a part of your life. DO NOT ACTUALLY SEND THEM (or anyone) THIS LETTER, this letter is for YOU. Keep it confidential. … Continue reading “Unfinished Business” Letter

Mirror Work Activity

This mirror work activity will increase self-awareness and promote personal growth. Looking in the mirror, state to yourself: "I love you." "I'm sorry." "Forgive me." "Thank you." While looking at yourself in the mirror and stating these things, pay attention to your non-verbal body language, the tone and speed of your voice, and the thoughts … Continue reading Mirror Work Activity

Favorite Positive Affirmation?

What's your favorite positive affirmation, right now? Mine is, "I have everything I need." I tend to feel like I need MORE (belongings, money, approval from others, etc.) and it can create anxiety and tension. I don't actually need any of these things. When I practice living in the moment and tell myself that I … Continue reading Favorite Positive Affirmation?

Just Checking In

10 questions to check in on someone's mental well-being 1. How are you feeling, really? (Mental and physical)2. What's taking up your headspace right now?3. What was your last full meal and have you been drinking enough water?4. Have you been sleeping?5. What have you been doing for exercise?6. What did you do today that … Continue reading Just Checking In

Free Positive Thoughts, Take One!

Print out and place this positive thoughts worksheet on your fridge, a bulletin board, work / office common area, etc... where ever you would like to choose a positive thought for the day. Share with your family, friends, and coworkers. You can tear off the positive thought that you would like to carry with you … Continue reading Free Positive Thoughts, Take One!