Resilient Motherhood

Resilient Motherhood is a team of experts serving Pittsburgh, PA & Westmorland, PA. They are dedicated to helping women feel strong and confident in their bodies during pregnancy, motherhood, and beyond. Resilient Motherhood was born out of passion and necessity. Read their story. Explore their services. Resilient Motherhood Survivors: Resilient Motherhood helps survivors of sexual … Continue reading Resilient Motherhood

MH professionals, thought I’d share my current favorite books and resources.

Meaning Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl [Check out his other books!] Relationships The Gaslighting Recovery Workbook: Healing from Emotional Abuse by Amy Marlow-MaCoy, LPC Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Journal Christian Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling extended edition by John G. Kruis Habits Atomic Habits by James Clear Mindful Eating The Mindful Eating Workbook … Continue reading MH professionals, thought I’d share my current favorite books and resources.

Mirror Work Activity

This mirror work activity will increase self-awareness and promote personal growth. Looking in the mirror, state to yourself: "I love you." "I'm sorry." "Forgive me." "Thank you." While looking at yourself in the mirror and stating these things, pay attention to your non-verbal body language, the tone and speed of your voice, and the thoughts … Continue reading Mirror Work Activity

Struggling to Remain Strong for too Long?

Depression, anxiety, and panic attacks are signs that you should ask for help It is important to be able to recognize the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and panic attacks in ourselves. When we experience these symptoms frequently, for longer than a few weeks, it is time to ask for help. Take action. We tend to … Continue reading Struggling to Remain Strong for too Long?

Mindful Breathing Exercise

When you feel stressed or anxious, have you been mindful of your breathing? Notice if you're holding your breath, taking shallow breaths, or breathing too quickly. Take control of your breathing by trying a short breathing exercise: Lay, sit, or stand comfortably, with good posture to allow yourself to breathe easily. If you're laying or … Continue reading Mindful Breathing Exercise

Person-Centered Perspective in Counseling

I use the person-centered perspective when working with clients because it is so important to keep WHO that person is in mind when helping them figure out what they need and how to reach their goals. A person needs an empowering environment, meaningful relationships, a champion for change, proper facilitation and coordination, and agreed achievements … Continue reading Person-Centered Perspective in Counseling

How to Find the Right Counselor

It can be challenging and anxiety provoking to find the right counselor. Sometimes it's difficult knowing how to find the help that you specifically need. This article's tips will answer some questions, help develop a plan, relieve stress, and lead you to finding the right counselor. Licensed Professional Counselors A licensed professional counselor works with … Continue reading How to Find the Right Counselor

Emotional Support Animals VS Therapy Animals VS Service Dogs

Have you ever wondered the difference between an Emotional Support Animal, Therapy Dog or Service Dog? This article is a brief overview, of the different companions. Emotional Support Animal (ESA) The animal provides therapeutic benefits to the owner at home through companionship.Steps to getting an ESA:Determine if an ESA is right for you. Ask yourself … Continue reading Emotional Support Animals VS Therapy Animals VS Service Dogs