Valuable Mental Health Resources

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Exercise, Sleep, and Anxiety: Rewire your brain

Check Out These Mental Health and Wellness YouTube Channels

Self-Care Assessment

Mental Health Books & Resources (for mental health professionals)

A Growing Concern in America is Alcoholism (Resources)

Memory care facilities in Pennsylvania (Resources)

MH professionals, thought I’d share my current favorite books and resources.

Resilient Motherhood

Body Talk

Therapist Workshop: the emotional aspect of obesity. Instructor: Roni Maislish M.A. (psychotherapist and clinical social worker)

You Can Seek Help at Any Time: rate your distress scale

Reflective Listening for Couples

Get In-Tune with Satiety & Hunger Cues: hunger scale tool and questions to consider

“Unfinished Business” Letter

Mindful Breathing Exercise

Journal Prompts: Healthy Relationship to Food

Western Pennsylvania Nonprofit Organizations and Charities (Directories)

My Positive Attributes

My Positive Attributes A to Z

Journaling Prompt: Setting a Future Goal, Adventure is Out There

Common Abbreviations, Definitions, Slang, and Idioms Used in Autism

Sleep Tracking

Uniquely Me, Body Image, Body Positivity

Feelings Wheel

Emotional Support Animals vs Therapy Animals vs Service Dogs

The Benefits of Keeping a Journal and Journal Prompts

Free Positive Thoughts, Take One!

Positive Affirmations to get Through a Crisis or Difficult Time

Emergency Contacts Lifelines

Old Rag Mountain, VA

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