Better Understand Your Sleep

Whether your issues are with falling asleep, staying asleep or quality of sleep, you could look into some ways to keep track of it.

Sleep tracking is similar to keeping a journal, it will aid with problem solving and identifying patterns around bedtime or daily routine. Better understand what is going on.

When considering your daytime routine and activities, examine aspects like stressors, caffeine consumption, when you exercise, work related details, etc.

It can be extremely frustrating pinpointing what negatively impacts our sleep and then, coming up with a solution to the problem.

Figuring out how to get our bodies to respond to our healthy solutions can be downright exhausting!

Completing this sleep tracking worksheet is one way that you can work towards achieving higher quality sleep.

You may try answering some or all of these questions daily or only once per week, whatever you feel is adequate. Answering the questions can increase your thoroughness to help you get to the root of your sleep concerns.

Use a notebook or journal to track. Write down the date and log your answers to the questions.

Tracking sleep takes time and any progress made might not be immediately obvious. Try sticking with this process for at least one month, the more consistent you are, the greater the positive impacts and improvements you’ll see.

If you’re working with a sleep professional, if may be good to share your answers to these questions with them, though they might have already asked you the same or similar questions.

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