Journaling Prompt: Setting a Future Goal, Adventure is Out There

My example of Adventure is Out There

Journaling prompt: What adventure do you wish you could go on?

Make sure that the adventure is realistic, like planning a vacation.


Material ideas:

Large paper or poster board; pens; pencils; crayons; markers; glue; glitter; stickers; magazine clippings; photos.


Answer these questions in your prompt:

1. Where would you go, how would you get there, and what would you do once you are there?

2. What is your mode of transportation?

3. Will you go alone or will someone go with you?

4. What are the steps that you might take in order to put this plan into action? Try to come up with three specific steps for putting your plan into action.

5. How might you feel once you have reached your destination?

6. How might you feel throughout the adventure?

7. What about when it is over?

Write a story, be specific and descriptive. Use your creativity, draw and create designs. Most importantly, have fun setting your goal!

This activity is geared more to teens.

If you’re working on this in a group setting, share your story with your peers.

If you are in a group of six to eight people, this activity may take 40 minutes to an hour. The group leader may choose to instruct people to spend 20 to 30 minutes writing their story and decorating it. To wrap up group, ask people to share. It’s fun to hear what adventures people dream about going on.

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