How to Create a Vision Board

Materials: Poster board or large paper; magazines; newspapers; printed out images from online; quotes; scissors; glue; pen; pencils; markers; stickers; glitter; tiny, lightweight objects (travel ticket; concert ticket; key chain; charm…).

Instructions: Ponder and visualize a long-term goal (a few months or years ahead). What does it look like?

What are the details of your vision?

Where will you be, what will you be doing and who will you be doing it with?

Using your materials, cut out, print, draw, paste anything that could be a part of your board.

Add quotes, mantras or positive affirmations to remind you of your long-term goal, and to motivate and inspire you.

An extra element to consider is a letter-sized envelope.

It can hold: tiny, meaningful items; a sticky note with a short-term goal (that can be accomplished in one day); sticky notes with something positive going on in your life; sticky notes with a memory that will make you smile.

Glue the envelope to the side or bottom of your board.

Everyday (or as frequently as you’d like), pull one thing out of the envelope. It adds a little extra fun and interaction.

Do a “rough draft” of your board before gluing things to it, just to make sure that you are satisfied with the layout.

Glue on the cutouts, pictures and objects. Let the board dry.

Lastly, on the back of the board, add “reminders” (important things to remember). The reminders should be uplifting.

Vision boards are fun and easy to make. They remind you of what you are working towards, your long-term goals, dreams, and aspirations.

This motivational collage project is something that a child, adolescent or adult can create.

Check out my vision board and reminders.

Materials I used for my vision board
Laying out the design before gluing down the pieces
Finished. I framed it and placed it in my office.
Reminders on the back of my vision board

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