Free Positive Thoughts, Take One!

Print out and place this positive thoughts worksheet on your fridge, a bulletin board, work / office common area, etc... where ever you would like to choose a positive thought for the day. Share with your family, friends, and coworkers. You can tear off the positive thought that you would like to carry with you … Continue reading Free Positive Thoughts, Take One!

The Benefits of Keeping a Journal and Journal Prompts

Choosing a Journal When choosing what to write in, consider all of your options and what best suits your needs. A journal can be a spiral-bound notebook, which is an easy to find and cheap option. Combination code or lock and key journals can provide privacy and are usually well-made. A journal can be kept … Continue reading The Benefits of Keeping a Journal and Journal Prompts

Vision Board

Materials: Poster board or large paper; magazines; newspapers; printed out images from online; quotes; scissors; glue; pen; pencils; markers; stickers; glitter; tiny, lightweight objects (travel ticket; concert ticket; key chain; charm...). Instructions: Ponder and visualize a long-term goal (a few months or years ahead). What does it look like? What are the details of your … Continue reading Vision Board