Worries and fears are a big part of your identity.Better understand and manage anxiety, so that you can live life the way that you wish to.
Struggling to find purpose and meaning in life.Identify what’s most important to you and get the ball rolling with actionable steps. You can live a purpose driven life.
Your brain won’t shut off.Learn ways to soothe your mind.
You think that everyone hates you.Be able to look in the mirror and smile at who you are.
You feel like you need constant validation that you made the right choice.Be confident in your decisions.
You are stuck in a cycle of unhealthy habits and having trouble reaching your goals due to slipping back into those habits.Recognize patterns, disrupt the cycle, and replace the unhealthy habit with a healthy one. Crowd out the unhealthy habits with healthy ones and you’ll see yourself getting steps closer to your goals.
Concerned that you won’t be able to cope with something terrible that may happen.Acknowledge your concerns, find your strengths, and incorporate coping strategies that will increase your confidence in handing future problems.
Trouble deciding with uncertainty, but need to make a decision.Learn to let go of needing absolute control and holding yourself accountable for knowing what you don’t know. Find freedom in making decisions.
Spending too much energy on other people and find yourself frequently drained.With relationships in mind, set appropriate boundaries with those people, so that you can take better care of yourself.
Spend too much time on tasks or projects trying to get them perfect in order to attempt to control a future outcome.Being able to acknowledge the root of your concerns, minimize perfectionism, and set boundaries with yourself and those unhelpful behaviors.
You feel like “why bother?” because progress is slow and it feels like you’ll absolutely never be able to reach your goals.Be able to keep the process and progress in mind. You can reframe your thoughts to reflect the progress that YOU HAVE already made. Believe in yourself.
You put too much pressure on yourself for making mistakes.Know the negative impact that that pressure and negative self-talk has on you. You can feel better about yourself and accept forgiveness.
Life is like an emotional rollercoaster.Find more control through learning about emotions and regulating them, so that highs feel less high and lows feel less low.
Trauma has heavily impacted your life to the point that you’re frequently reminded of it and you don’t feel like yourself.Become more trauma informed. Regulating your nervous system will help you heal from within and begin to feel more like yourself.
Trauma has you feeling jumpy and on “high alert” most of the time.Calm and regulate your nervous system. Better understand what your bodily sensations are telling you.
You doubt your abilities and feel like a fraud at work.Overcome doubt with confidence and know that you’re in that role for a reason.
Label foods as “good” or “bad,” scrutinize yourself over what you ate, and feeling the urge to compensate for eating.Be able to ditch the “good” and “bad” food labels and enjoy food because it serves your body.
Don’t like who you see when you look in the mirror and constantly deal with body image issues.Be able to thank your body for all of it’s complex functions, celebrate being unique, and love yourself.
Can’t keep up with the household chores.Feel energized to keep up with the house, it’s manageable.
Weak immune system due to stress, but can’t afford to be sick.Eating healthy and exercising because you have the time and energy.
Your relationship is at risk because your partner is at the end of their rope with your inability to cope.Grow your relationship with your partner and improve your communication.

Shannon is providing professional mental health services to endurance runners, athletes and people who want to be active.

Shannon is Providing Professional Telemental Health Services To PA residents, Endurance Runners, Athletes, and people who wish to live a more active life.

Read about all of the ways that Shannon can help, go to "About Shannon."

Read about some of the ways that Shannon can help, go to “About Shannon”

Session times (contact Shannon for availability):

Tuesdays: 5:00 PM; 6:30 PM

Wednesdays: 5:00 PM; 6:30 PM

Thursdays: 5:00 PM; 6:30 PM

Are you ready to book with Shannon right now? Book below.

Are you ready right now? Book below.

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