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I lead a workshop for trail and ultra runners called The Power of Mindfulness in Trail Running. THE POWER IS WITHIN YOURSELF.

The workshop is packed with high quality information on what mindfulness is, who it benefits, what the benefits are, practicing it at home, and using it for trail racing.

The workshop is interactive; I provide a variety of mindfulness exercises and lead the group through a couple. The exercises are fun and relaxing. I receive positive feedback from participants and they discuss ways that they can apply the skills that I teach them.


Participants may receive a PowerPoint handout with all of the note-worthy information, so that they may fully participate in the mindfulness exercises and not need to take notes.

Each exercise we practice (and a few bonus ones) are in the PowerPoint handout, so that the athletes can revisit the material for practicing at home.

There is an additional handout, Race Day Visualization, which is the script to the visualization exercise that I lead.

The Race Day Visualization is moving and it allows athletes to access and harness their strengths and possibilities.

Participants have responded after the workshop saying that it was very impactful and valuable.

If you are providing your athletes with a goodie bag or swag bag, let’s talk about how I can help you fill that bag. I’d be happy to partner with your business and send refrigerator magnets or something!

Please, note that you are responsible for the cost of the product(s) and for the cost of me shipping the product(s) to you.



$160 per 50-60 minute talk/workshop

$80 per 20-30 minute talk/workshop

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