The Benefits of Keeping a Journal and Journal Prompts

Choosing a journal

When choosing what to write in, consider all of your options and what best suits your needs.

A journal can be a spiral-bound notebook, which is an easy to find and cheap option.

Combination code or lock and key journals can provide privacy and are usually well-made.

A journal can be kept electronically in a secure computer. It is convenient to access and saves your hand from becoming cramped in writing position.


  • Relaxing and stress relieving.
  • A coping tool.
  • A way to vent or express emotions and thoughts.
  • Makes your thoughts more apprehensible.
  • Improve and train your writing.
  • Sharpens skills.
  • Set and achieve goals.
  • A way to become more organized.
  • Develop improved understanding of yourself and situations occurring in your life.
  • Allows for creativity.
  • Provides you with a way to reflect and consider new ideas.
  • Record new ideas on-the-go.
  • Allows self-reflection.
  • A place to keep memories.
  • Boosts memory.
  • Provides you with a record of events, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. You can use this record to track patterns over time, which can lead to problem solving.
  • Can help you feel a sense of accomplishment.
  • You will learn new things.
  • Can provide you motivation and inspiration.
  • And many, many MORE!


Use your journal however you’d like! Decorate it and add pictures. Slip a photo of a favorite memory, person or pet inside. Write in different colors or use black ink.

When you start a new journal entry, include the date, so that you have that information if you ever need it. Write about your day freely or choose a prompt.

It might take you a little time to get used to writing, you might encounter writer’s block, and you may struggle to find what time to write. Don’t stress, it’s okay!

Writing should become easier overtime and this isn’t meant to be stressful, it is meant to be therapeutic and enjoyable!

Aim to write everyday because it will help develop a habit and really reap those benefits.

If you end up writing most days of the week, that is still good, just keep in mind that you might get out of habit of keeping your journal if you don’t write frequent enough.

Download the journal prompts below.

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