If You Could Speak to Your Younger Self (Journal prompt)

Journal prompt

If you could speak to your younger self, what advice would you give?

Give advice to your younger self by writing a letter.

Psychology research on reminiscence and regrets shows that this little talk can have value in helping you realize your current goals.

If you’re feeling stuck in knowing what you should do or need to better understand where you’re at with your current goals, then this journal prompt could help you out.

Your letter to yourself doesn’t need to be long, some people write a few paragraphs or one to two pages.

Check out this TED Talk video by Corey Poirier for inspiration and to learn what successful people have said. Corey Poirier is a professional speaker from the Maritimes in Canada.

In this talk he delves into the secrets of successful people, telling you their answers to the classical hypothetical question: what would you tell your younger self? People’s responses to his question vary. Some answers are common and others are more person-detailed.

What YOU Would Tell YOUR Younger Self | Corey Poirier | TEDxUAlberta

Do you need a journal?

Try looking on Etsy for a journal, there are thousands to choose from.

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