Feelings Wheel to Help You Identify Your Complex Emotions

How the feelings wheel works

I think of the feelings wheel as a tree. The emotions on the edge of the circle are related to the primary emotions (or the emotions that we most commonly identify), which are in the very center.

For example, when we feel confident and successful, we feel proud, and we feel happy.

If someone is struggling to pinpoint or identify what they are feeling, just seeing all of the emotions in front of them might be helpful.

This is a useful tool when journaling, you can use it to pinpoint a particular emotion.

If you record your emotions over a period of time, then you might spot patterns connected to events and or behaviors.

This graph is good for teaching kids about all of the emotions that they experience, not just the primary ones. So, when they feel happy about receiving a good grade at school, the emotions proud, confident and successful can be introduced to them.

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