“My Positive Attributes” Worksheet for Older Teens

A positive attributes worksheet to help identify and give thought to your positive qualities.

Download and print. Print more than one worksheet because you have more than four positive attributes.

We don’t give enough thought to our positive attributes. Our brains tend to default towards negative self-talk, which can hold us down.

We sometimes think this way because we feel that we can always improve and should be further along then where we’re presently at. That’s a hefty amount of pressure that we carry on our shoulders.

When we listen to the negative self-talk and look for reinforcement (proof that what we think about ourselves is true), we can start to believe the negative things.

When we actively engage in thinking about our positive attributes, we are freed from negative self-talk. We need to speak with ourselves differently, in a kinder way. You wouldn’t speak to a friend or a family member, whom you love, in a harsh way. Don’t do it to yourself.

Flip your self-talk script and highlight your positive attributes.

Highlighting our positive attributes benefits us in a number of ways. This act will increase self-esteem, self-love, and confidence, for example.

Teach Kids to Recognize Their Positive Attributes – My Positive Attributes A to Z!

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