9 Habits that Boost Your Mood

Have you been feeling depressed or lost? By developing some healthy habits you can alter your mood for the better.

The 9 habits in this video are small steps that you can take, plus little research tidbits.

1. Practice gratitude
2. Give compliments
3. Experience and go with the flow
4. Savor the little moments
5. Exercise
6. Get enough sleep
7. Choose foods that boost your mood
8. Work towards meaningful goals
9. Experience nature

Video from Psych2Go.

If you want to dive into happiness, Jonah Paquette, Psy.D., has researched and written a lot on it. He is a psychologist, author, and international speaker. Jonah is the author of Happily Even After, Awestruck, The Happiness Toolbox, and Real Happiness.

I own both Awestruck and The Happiness Toolbox. His continuing education course on awe, happiness, and gratitude was so interesting! I love passing this information on, so people can apply it.

These habits are also ones that I help the people I work with adopt to improve their mood. – I assign homework, and we use worksheets. — like from Awestruck and The Happiness Toolkit.

If you’ve been feeling depressed or low recently or for quite some time, send me an email to reach out. Let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together. It’s easy to get started working with me.

If you’re reading this and you’re not in Pennsylvania, but would like to work on these habits, we can still work on these things.

I’m licensed in PA, but I coach nationwide. Coaching is a non-clinical service. It is a separate service and business. When you reach out, let me know that you’re interested in coaching and working on building healthy habits.

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