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Are you looking for affordable mental health care? About Open Path

THERAPY WITHIN REACH means affordable and empathetic care for people and families in need. If you cannot afford current market rates for therapy or if you lack adequate health
insurance coverage, Open Path is there for you.

Their sliding scale rates—$40-70 per session—allow clients access to top-quality therapy in their community.

How it works

Their easy-to-use website makes it simple to search an expansive network of Open Path therapists in your area. Quickly find the right therapist in the right location. If you would like to work with me, here’s my profile! – Go through Open Path to get started.

Once you’ve found a therapist, register and pay a one-time fee of $65 to become an Open Path Member. Your lifetime membership will allow you to work with an Open Path therapist for $40–$70/session as long as there is a financial need.

Schedule appointments directly with your therapist once you have been connected online. That’s all there is to it.

Take your next step
All Are Welcome! | 1-800-268-2833 |

Therapists, do you use a sliding scale?

Open Path is a nationwide network of mental health professionals dedicated to providing affordable, in-office and online mental health care to clients in need.

They’re 18,000 strong, and growing.

There are no fees whatsoever for participating Open Path member therapists.

If you’re interested in being an Open Path Therapist, like myself, use my affiliate link to sign up.

I was contacted by two potential clients (both were a good fit to work with me) the same day that I signed up. There is a HUGE need!

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