Feeling Anxious About Going to Counseling? Online Counseling Can Help

If you’re feeling anxious about meeting in-office with a mental health professional, try teletherapy.

Research shows that teletherapy is equally effective as in-office therapy. People can still learn about anxiety and how to best manage it.

Teletherapy can be done in the comfort of your home. It’s convenience is beneficial in other ways, like not having to take the time to drive to and from your appointment, find parking or use up your vehicle’s gas.

People I work with over the computer have expressed feeling satisfied with their experiences, both the virtual aspect and from a therapeutic standpoint, and don’t notice that we’re talking through a screen. We form a therapeutic alliance like we would in-office.

During the time that people would typically spend driving to an in-office session, people who take advantage of teletherapy dedicate that “driving time” to look over the notes that they wrote during the past week, to work on therapy homework, and to create a space for themselves to have a good session.

If this sounds good and you feel that it’s a good fit for you, consider giving it a try. Teletherapy can help.

Teletherapy works, and it is vitally needed (Article on The Washington Post)

Read all about teletherapy here. Benefits and risks.

Teletherapy myths.

I specialize in providing telemental health, so that you can feel confident that your health information is kept private and secure.

How my teletherapy practice got started.

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