Never Lose Hope, Even When Times Feel Hopeless: Seasons change

Never lose hope because things can change. Circumstances and situations change, sometimes in the blink of an eye and sometimes over a few years. I like spending time outdoors, so I think of change as weather patterns and seasons. Using this as a metaphor, we dress appropriately for the daily weather and for each season, we must also take care of our mental health through the changes and challenges that life throws at us.

The feeling of hopelessness is similar to the dark and never ending feeling that winter can bring on, if you, like myself, experience that (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Hopelessness is an extremely difficult feeling to deal with. There are times where maybe we don’t think we have the strength to manage the emotion, we’re just hopeless and wait for it to be over.

We shouldn’t allow hopelessness to steal so much from us. Gratitude and joy can be found when we look for it, create the change yourself.

Creating change

Acknowledging that something is going on is always the first step. Acknowledge the feeling of hopelessness. It’s okay to feel (be with) our emotions, but we don’t want to become trapped by not doing anything. When you recognize unhealthy signs, like isolation, self-deprecating thoughts, change in appetite, anxiety, worry rumination, and depression (you know yourself best), then it’s time to change your behavior, and perhaps your environment. Deciding to get up and move will foster emotional change.

Moving around can be going on a walk, painting, dancing to music, yoga, visiting the sauna, riding a bike, hiking, running, hanging out with others, gardening, whatever you find helpful. Movement is powerful. Changing your behavior will help change your mood.

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Circumstances, situations and emotions change

Recall a time that you were in the midst of a problem that felt like it WOULD NEVER END. Recall those winter blues. It was probably a rough experience and highly taxing at that time, seeming like there was no way out. Perhaps even simple self-care tasks felt hard. However, as we go through these rough times, life circumstances and situations change (weather patterns and seasons), causing our behaviors and emotions to change (dressing appropriately for the weather), as well. We become freed from hopeless feelings.

The next time that you feel hopeless, remember that you can change your emotion by changing your behavior, and that you should never lose hope because things change. The sun will come back out from behind the clouds.

Getting support to foster change

If you need help getting started, check out the information below.

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Seasons of Change

Website that talks about the transitions in our lives.

“Think of these Seasons as a metaphor for the phases of any transition journey. These Seasons may, or may not, match the seasons unfolding outside your window.

In any given transition, you move from Summer – a time when all is going well in your life – through Fall, Winter, Spring up to a new level of Summer.”

Carol McClelland Fields, PhD

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