How Do You Get “Out Of Your Head” When Negative Thoughts And Self-Doubt Sets In?

We can “get out of our heads” when negative thoughts and self-doubt sets in by working through acknowledging the negative thoughts, allowing the thoughts to slip through your mind, knowing that you’re human and we all doubt ourselves.

When it comes to our goals or trying to get to where we’re going, we cannot succeed without failure(s). We also all fail, it’s a part of trying. Having self-doubt is a road block. Fear of failure holds us back. Keep trying and going anyway.

We might fear and doubt based on past experience(s) or because something is new to us. Embracing the challenge, whether you’re facing a fear or trying something new. There is potential growth and opportunity.

Celebrate every time you try, not just when you succeed. Celebrate the small moments of the process of trying.

Also, remember that thoughts are only thoughts, that doesn’t mean that something “is” or will happen the way our thoughts make it out to be.

Next, shift your focus to strengths and positive qualities. What are you good at? What do you like about yourself? What do your friends and loved ones like about you?

Reflect, draw from, and apply these strengths and qualities to what you do. Write down affirmations and positive self-talk on index cards and place them where you will see them, so you remember to visit them when you’re struggling. Some people also enjoy writing quotes.

Think about your values and continue the good work that you pour into being who you want to be. The type of person you want to be. What do you value in yourself? What do you value in life? Who are you striving to become and why? What are your “whys” for where you’re going?

Journal about your whys and revisit them in a month or so as a reminder. Journaling about your approach and experiences during the process will help with problem solving and support your mental health in a variety of other ways.

This is our map and can help guide us around managing negative thoughts and self-doubt. It’s hard work and a process, we need to try to enjoy the journey. We won’t ever stop the thoughts and doubts, but we can manage them. We can empower ourselves and continue on.

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Appalachian Trail, Harper’s Ferry, WV

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