Teach Kids to Recognize Their Positive Attributes

My Positive Attributes A to Z!

A positive personal qualities worksheet for children and adolescents. Download, save and print.

This worksheet is also fun to do in a group. There are two ways to go about the group activity.

1. Each kid can fill out their own worksheet. When everyone has finished, they can share three of their favorite attributes about themselves. If someone is having difficulty coming up with positive attributes, encourage them to continue to try to think of one before asking a peer for help. (This activity is good for if you are short on time)

2. Write the name of each kid at the top of their paper, and then everyone slides their paper to the person to their right. The group leader will set a timer and every 15 seconds, they will say to pass the paper to the right. During those 15 seconds, each person will choose a letter and write down a positive attribute that describes the person whose name is on that paper.

Passing the paper to the right every 15 seconds and writing a positive attribute will continue on until everyone’s papers are completed.

There may be a few letters that will be challenging to come up with a word, like x, y, and z. It is helpful to be a little imaginative and make up a word, like x-cellent.

To wrap up this group, have the kids identify what attributes written about them that might surprise them. Then, discuss how our positive qualities shine and stand out to others, and we may not notice them ourselves. If they wish, the kids can share their favorite positive attributes.

This is a fun, fast pace activity. (Sitting around a table. This activity can take 30 minutes to 50 minutes with a group of six to eight kids.)

Examples of positive attributes:

















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