When “That was Hard” Becomes Easy

One day, your “hard” will become your “easy.”

Whatever mountain you’re climbing, whether it is the loss of a loved one, difficulty at work, anxiety blanketing everything, a conflict, etc., don’t give up. Don’t lose hope and faith.

Keep moving forward, though a short rest is okay, you should take action in the valley and continue working in the climb.

The first step is to acknowledge that what you’re going through is difficult and allow yourself to feel your emotions.

Acknowledgement is a key to being able to move forward. Along side of acknowledgement, look after your well-being and practice self-care.

Take a deep breath, find something relaxing, something that works for you. Read a book or articles about what you’re going through, use credible sources. Talk to a professional.

Try something new; this can be stressful because one, it is hard to think of something new to try when you feel like you’ve tried everything. – Your mindset may not be in the right place.

Two, because trying something new is taking a risk, it is unfamiliar. It is worth the risk because it might be highly beneficial, and even if it ends up falling short, at least it was partly beneficial. We learn from taking action and risks.

Some things that we experience in life make us stronger, we learn.

Climbing mountains make us stronger. We learn about ourselves and figure things out, like how to boost ourselves up. Eventually, the situation becomes easier.

We face, adapt, and work through what’s going on. The more we practice this, the easier it becomes. As we’re strengthened, it becomes easier and you gain confidence that you can reach the peak.

Don’t give up, keep moving. Remain hopeful and have faith.

The view at the top is beautiful.

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