Body Talk Activity for Body Image


This Body Talk activity can be done either individually or in a group setting. The objective of this body acceptance activity is to provide education about the role of body image distortion in eating disorders.

The goal of this activity is to increase insight into distorted thoughts and projection of negative feelings onto body parts, to challenge people to renegotiate negative body image focus, and to develop tools to support body acceptance.

This activity focuses on taking inventory of body image history from childhood to present day.


Markers, crayons or colored pencils (three)

Body outline diagram (two)

White board and markers (group setting)


Write down words or phrases that you associate with “body image” on the back side of your body outline diagram (individual) or on the white board (group).

Think about or discuss these ideas together.

Choose three colors of markers, crayons or colored pencils and a body outline diagram.

Using a color code, identify, color and mark parts of your body where you assign judgement.

Use “feel good about,” “feel neutral about,” and “feel bad about.”

Color code example:

Blue = feel good about

Yellow = feel neutral

Red = feel bad about

Next, take the second diagram and depict how you ideally want to feel about your body.

You may want to date the diagrams so that over time, you can notice how your body image feelings change.

Write down five realistic steps that you can take towards having a healthier body image and begin the steps.

Download activity here.

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