Resilient Motherhood – Dedicated to helping women feel strong

Resilient Motherhood is a team of experts serving Pittsburgh, PA & Westmorland, PA.

They are dedicated to helping women feel strong and confident in their bodies during pregnancy, motherhood, and beyond.

Resilient Motherhood was born out of passion and necessity

Before Dr. Kailee had her son, she noticed a huge gap in care for moms, but becoming a mom opened her eyes to how big that gap truly was.

Now, you don’t have to doubt what step to take or waste time talking to providers who don’t understand or go down the rabbit hole of Googling solutions to your problems… 

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Explore their services

Whether you’re pregnant or your babies are all grown-up, Resilient Motherhood is there for you. If you’re ready to stop worrying and start feeling confident, book a free consult with them.

  • Pregnancy Care
    • They help pregnant women have painless pregnancies and exercise and labor confidently.
  • Postpartum Care
    • Help moms run, jump and play with their kids without pain, leaking, or discomfort.
  • Mental Health
    • They believe that mental health and physical health are intricately intertwined.

Learn about Resilient Motherhood services here.

Survivors: Resilient Motherhood helps survivors of sexual assault and abuse re-claim their power and birth with confidence

Labor and Delivery Prep

“Prevent perineal tearing, fearlessly manage pain and triggers, empower yourself to have
a healing birth.”

Fix Pain

“The truth is that many survivors have pelvic pain. Like your trauma, let’s make it a thing of the past. We are in this together.”

Stabilize Your Mood

“We will work together to use heart rate variability, food, and exercise to help you
feel your best every day.”

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Don’t forget to visit their resources. They have resources available for download and a blog. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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