Friendly Reminder: Understand and take care of your mental health

Friendly reminder

Please, take care in understanding your mental health. Invest by reading and listening to a variety of credible resources.

A few resources

When you use social media or the internet to find information, use caution, as there are people who spread misinformation about mental health. – These people are usually lifestyle bloggers, coaches, or celebrities (people who probably don’t have an educational degree on the subject). Always get the professional’s advice.

My box of coping tools and resources

Expand your resources and tools. I recommend that people have a “tool box” of effective ways for managing their mental health and resources for further education and support.

If you’ve never listened to a podcast episode on mental health, consider listening one day while cooking dinner. Visit Choosing Therapy’s article: 21 Best Mental Health Podcasts for 2022.

Subscribe to a mental health care professional’s YouTube channel.

Some suggestions:

Buy a new book that sounds really interesting. You could start a wish list of books and workbooks on Amazon or write them in your journal.

Do an online search of local mental health organizations, services, and practitioners just to familiarize yourself with the support that’s available.

Having valuable resources at your fingertips helps you to further understand and care for your mental health.

Other’s mental health

Take the time to learn about how mental health affects everyone differently. We will all likely respond in dissimilar ways to issues and crisis. Many people struggle in silence and still carry on throughout their day doing the best that they can. A struggle isn’t always fully apparent.

Additional resources for investing in your mental health

General Care Practitioners are Not Mental Health Professionals

Memory Care Resources and Support in Pennsylvania

Emergency Contacts, Lifelines, and Suicide Prevention Information and Resources

My Favorite Books and Resources as a Professional Counselor

Mental Health Books and Resources (for Mental Health Professionals)

Mental Health Resources (Worksheets)

A Growing Health Concern in America is Alcoholism

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