A Positive Affirmation Kinda Day

Today, I’m diving into my positive affirmations, as negative and distorted thoughts have crept in. This is completely normal and something everyone goes through. I like to write my positive affirmations, which include quotes and Bible verses, on index cards.

Like I said, it’s a positive affirmation kinda day, so I wrote one about being a business owner. The affirmation came from an ultramarathon friend, who reminded me that, “running a business is like running an ultramarathon, if it were easy, then everyone would be doing it.”

I keep the affirmations on a shelf next to my work desk. As I read through my cards, I reflect on what they say, taking them to heart.

I also notice that my mood improves, and even note that I have not needed to use certain affirmations for a few months! – Certain struggles come and go.

We also grow or move on from struggles. What you’re having difficulty with today might not be a concern in the future. I take my affirmations to heart and know that they are true.

When I’m going through my day and notice physical symptoms of worry and anxiety, I know that a helpful strategy is to visit my cards. Having three to four mental coping strategies on hand, that aren’t going on a run, is key.

Addressing anxiety by going on a run is my top way to manage symptoms, but I can’t always go out when I want, so I take deep breaths and incorporate mindfulness to create a different reaction.

I read my affirmations as many times as I feel appropriate. There are tougher days where I keep them on my desk and will intentionally be more aware of my breathing throughout the day, as I know that an unhelpful habit is to hold my breath.

When was the last time that you read positive affirmations to yourself? If it has been a while, don’t forget that this is a simple way to gently redirect your thoughts. Know your distorted thoughts and unhelpful habits. Know when you need to use your positive affirmations and other coping strategies, and pay attention to the benefits.

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