You Will Keep Going

If you need support, reach out to a counselor, don't hesitate. Most counselors are providing teletherapy now. You don't have to leave your home and it is easy to get started. I specialize in telemental health. Contact me if you are a resident of Pennsylvania and would like to talk. Keep going! Learn about teletherapy … Continue reading You Will Keep Going

Session Framework: what our sessions might look like

Initial session Introduce myself and give a little information on my credentials. Check your valid photo ID to verify that you are who you say you are. Review the In Case of Emergency plan. I'll also review who your emergency contact is with you and jot down your current location address. Review the housekeeping paperwork … Continue reading Session Framework: what our sessions might look like

Myths about Telemental Health

• Telemental health is too new. Telemental health has actually been around for several years. • Telemental health is only for the underserved and those who live in rural areas. Anyone can use telemental health. It saves travel time, gas money, and can more easily fit into a busy schedule. • You miss out on … Continue reading Myths about Telemental Health

Person-Centered Perspective in Counseling

I use the person-centered perspective when working with clients because it is so important to keep WHO that person is in mind when helping them figure out what they need and how to reach their goals. A person needs an empowering environment, meaningful relationships, a champion for change, proper facilitation and coordination, and agreed achievements … Continue reading Person-Centered Perspective in Counseling

How to Find the Right Counselor

It can be challenging and anxiety provoking to find the right counselor. Sometimes it's difficult knowing how to find the help that you specifically need. This article's tips will answer some questions, help develop a plan, relieve stress, and lead you to finding the right counselor. Licensed Professional Counselors A licensed professional counselor works with … Continue reading How to Find the Right Counselor

“Finish Stronger”

I came up with the name Finish Stronger Counseling from my experience and passion for running. To "finish stronger" means to end the session better than when it began. Think about training for a marathon. During training runs, sometimes the goal is to have negative splits (a steadily increasing pace per mile as the run … Continue reading “Finish Stronger”