Managing Anxiety and Deciding with Uncertainty

Manage anxiety by deciding with uncertainty. When you're making a tough decision, all you can do is make the best choice for what you know right then and there. Our brains like certainty, we are creatures of habit. We rely on pre-existing patterns that are familiar, which is safe and effortless. Many of our behaviors … Continue reading Managing Anxiety and Deciding with Uncertainty

Cognitive Reframing

How to deal with negative thoughts through cognitive reframing.  The first set of sentences are examples of "all-or-nothing" and "black-and-white" negative thoughts. The second set is the reframing. NEGATIVE thoughts ▪︎"I HAVE to have ___, ___, and ___ happen today, otherwise the day is ruined."▪︎"If I don't get this job, everything that I've worked so … Continue reading Cognitive Reframing