What I Mean When I Ask, “Have You Considered Seeing a Counselor?”

When I ask, “Have you considered seeing a counselor?” I’m not saying, “You’re so messed up only a professional can help you.”

What I’m saying is: “Have you considered that you’re worthy of an unbiased, safe and productive opportunity to process your experiences?”

Has anyone ever awkwardly asked you or told you that you should try talking with a counselor? Or have you ever wanted to mention it to someone who is really struggling, but you weren’t sure how to bring it up?

This is common. It’s a difficult thing to bring up, plus there’s a huge stigma around mental health and needing help. Most people wait until they’ve tried everything and hit rock bottom before asking for help.

There are several reasons that people try to fix things themselves, and one of them can be that they don’t feel like they are worth it or that it is worth it.

Saying, “you’re worthy of…” is so true, even if the person doesn’t feel that way about themselves.

Saying, “…counseling is an unbiased, safe, and productive opportunity to process your experiences,” is also 100% true. It is all of those things and allows us to be productive, process, and heal.

So, the next time that the question, “have you ever considered seeing a counselor?” comes up, this is what it means, and this is how to go about opening up a conversation.

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