Are You Worried About How Things are Going to Go for You or Whether You Will be able to Handle Potential Problems?

When you are feeling worried about how things are going to go for you, there’s one way that you can change that…

Ask yourself:

▪︎ Who do I want to be?

▪︎ What quality of presence do I want to bring to any challenges I face?

Note the shift that occurs when you go from focusing on what will go wrong to the person you want to be.

When you fear that you won’t be able to handle potential problems, here’s one way to manage the emotion…

Imagine yourself coping

Whenever you are worried about a problem that could happen, envision yourself skillfully coping with it. What does that look like?

Recall a strength that you have demonstrated multiple times when you’ve risen to meet a challenge. Then, expect yourself to rise, bringing that same strength, resourcefulness, and determination to the problem that might challenge you today.

Is This Time Different?

When a familiar worry or fear crosses your mind, this can be about failing or that something horrible will happen, notice that it has never actually happened.

It’s likely that your mind is ignoring all of the times that those worries and fears didn’t come true and that this time is different.

If this sounds like your experiences, then consider that the worry or fear is a false alarm, like the other times.

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