Anxiety and Management

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These are all anxiety and management resources written by myself. They are good examples of things that my clients and I discuss (we even go over the worksheets). Browse through the resources, some include videos and downloadable worksheets.

Books about Anxiety

MH Professionals, Thought I’d Share My Current Favorite Books and Resources

New Mental Health Books and Resources (for Mental Health Professionals)

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for Coping and Regulating Emotions

Dialectics (DBT)

Mindfulness (DBT)

Mindfulness 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Grounding Technique

Mindful Breathing Exercise

Distress Tolerance (DBT)

Wise Mind: ACCEPTS Skill (Distress Tolerance from DBT)

IMPROVE Skill (Distress Tolerance from DBT)

More Resources

How to follow through when you’re not automatically good at something

The Anxious Brain, Worry Time, Disempowering Thoughts, and Anxiety Management

Let’s Talk about Anxiety with Sam Becker and Shannon Mick, NCC, LPC: Shannon’s personal story, counseling sessions, anxiety and management

Managing Anxiety and Deciding with Uncertainty

Ways that we Keep Distance in Our Relationships in Order to Manage Anxiety

5 Ways That You Can Set Boundaries Without Explaining Yourself

General Care Practitioners are Not Mental Health Professionals

Common Misconceptions about Anxiety

Are You Worried about How Things are Going to go for You or Whether You will be able to Handle Potential Problems?

Simple, yet Powerful Ways to Manage Worry and Anxiety

You Can Seek Help at Any Time: Rate Your Distress Scale

Cognitive Reframing

Positive Affirmations to get Through a Crisis or Difficult Time

4 Ways to Reduce Anxiety

Calming through Your Senses by Using Self-Soothe Skills

Struggling to Remain Strong for too Long?

Things to Let Go

How to get Through the Day When the World Seems to be Falling Apart

Taking Care of Your Emotional Health During a Distaster

Basic Information on Diagnosis and My Thoughts on Diagnosing

Safety Plan on an Index Card
(Reminds kids and teens of coping strategies that work for them when they are feeling overwhelmed with anxiety.)

Why are You in such a Hurry?

Being Fearless, Accomplishing a Dream

It’s a “Positive Affirmation” Kinda Day

Favorite Positive Affirmation?

Being Productive and Calm as a Busy Woman

Amy the Amygdala: a silly way to remember the function of the amygdala and how to calm it

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