“Make it Happen”

A collection of thoughts and tips for taking action, here we go!

thoughts and tips

We talk about negative things way too much…

Break the habit by finding the good in your day and share it with others.

Fun fact: all photos were taken by Shannon while trail running

What are you passionate about?

Can you use that to make a difference in someone’s day?

Find 2-3 things to look forward to every single day. If you’re having trouble finding things, create them. Make it happen.

Create the opportune moment for yourself if you keep waiting for “the right time,” it may never come, or you might miss it because you were too concerned about the timing or other minor details. Your productive success is up to you.

You can’t build a reputation on something that you’re going to do, you must take action and do so.

Everything eventually comes together. Keep plotting along, working hard, and feel proud of your accomplishments.

Sometimes it seems like the small efforts won’t make a difference in the goal you are working towards, but they do matter, they make an impact. The sum of the efforts equals success.

Don’t stop pursuing your goals and aspirations due to difficult times or failures. Learn from these things and keep pushing forward. You are stronger and more resilient than you think, have faith.

“Be willing to be a BEGINNER every single morning.” – Meister Eckhart

To me, being a “beginner” can mean:

• Feeling rejuvenated or refreshed

• Ready to try and/or learn something new

• Not always playing the role of the expert

• Ready to start fresh

Don’t wait for the opportunity because the right time may never come, create the opportunity yourself.

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