Why You Should Prioritize Your Mental Health (and How)

Do you prioritize your mental health?

If your mental health isn’t one of the areas that comes to mind, consider moving it to one of your top priorities.

Here’s the short answer of why it’s important. When we work on our mental health, we improve all of the other areas of our lives.

When we emotionally and mentally operate effectively and efficiently, other well-being pieces fall into place.

Some pieces that are positively impacted are, sleep, problem solving capability, relationships, and productivity.

All a ripple-effect benefit of prioritizing mental wellness. The benefits are truly endless.

Ideas of how you can focus on your mental health

What to intentionally focus on

Spend a few minutes a day addressing your mind.

What areas need the most attention?

Is it sleep?


When was the last time that you did self-care?

Focus on the area that needs it the most, not to feel overwhelmed, because there could be several areas that you feel could use love.

Once there’s a rhythm or a habit created for that particular area, move onto another area. Be gracious to yourself through the process of addressing the area, it might take some time and it’s hard work.

How to make it happen

Two ways to help you with planning that focus time

Way one:

The first, is scheduling half an hour to an hour per day. The option of scheduling it in works well for people who like having structure or who are likely to procrastinate.

Write it in your planner, including the time you will work on it and set an intention of what you’re going to specifically work on.

– An attainable, short-term goal. When the time comes, aim to do it for half an hour to an hour.

Afterwards, notice or be mindful of the benefits of your achievement.

Do what is helpful to you.

If you’re having trouble thinking of something, reflect back to your past to see if maybe you did something helpful then, that you can apply to now.

What it could look like:

This could look like journaling about your day or a problem that you have. Taking a long bath, free of distractions, and reflecting on the highlights of your day.

When you wake up in the morning, thinking about something that you’re looking forward to in the near future. Participating in relaxing yoga before bed. Having a mindful meal.

Way two:

The second way, sprinkling it in throughout the day, looks a little different and is go-with-the-flow. This strategy might work for someone who has a busy schedule or would like to see it organically integrated throughout their day.

What it could look like:

This could look like doing a three minute breathing or mindfulness exercise while doing a simple tasks, such as household cleaning.

Working on a gratitude list, jotting down what you’re grateful for as they come to you throughout the day.

Stretch and do mindful movement when you’ve been sitting for too long. – When at a desk-job, get up from your chair once every 45-90 minutes for 5-10 minutes.

Doing mental wellness activities will be wonderful. Try both planning strategies, or other ways that you can think of, to see what fits best.

Prioritize your mental health to reap all the great benefits. Start by identifying what needs the most attention and then figure out how to make it happen. Is it better for you if you schedule it or if you sprinkle it in throughout the day?

Once you have a basic plan, just do it.

There are multiple strategies and ways to improve your mental wellness. Do the ones that work for you consistently. Lastly, fully enjoy the benefits and continue the good work.

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