Painted Rocks

Moraine State Park Bike Path Have you ever noticed painted rocks with nice messages on your walk, hike or at the park? The idea behind painting rocks and leaving them about in nature is for people to find them and to feel inspired or to receive a positive reminder. The person who finds a rock … Continue reading Painted Rocks

3 Mindful Strategies to Increase Positivity During Hard Times

Limit Exposure Limit the time you're exposed to the situation. Be informed, but limit the amount of news, media, social media, that you take in. For social media, you can choose to follow and unfollow certain accounts and channels. Use social media to build yourself up, promote positivity, and connect with non-toxic people. Social media … Continue reading 3 Mindful Strategies to Increase Positivity During Hard Times

4 Ways to Reduce Anxiety

People are under an increased amount of stress due to the ongoing pandemic, which has no concrete ending. People who don't have a mental illness disorder, such as anxiety, are also experiencing mental health vulnerabilities during this time. They report having issues like difficulty concentrating, difficulty remembering things, sleep disturbance, and decreased mood. 4 "M"s … Continue reading 4 Ways to Reduce Anxiety

It’s a “Positive Affirmation” Kinda Day

Today, I'm diving into my positive affirmations, as negative and distorted thoughts have crept in. This is completely normal and something everyone goes through. I like to write my positive affirmations, which include quotes and Bible verses, on index cards. Today, I wrote one about being a business owner. The affirmations are kept on a … Continue reading It’s a “Positive Affirmation” Kinda Day

Wise Mind: ACCEPTS Skill (Distress Tolerance from DBT)

Wise Mind: ACCEPTS The ACCEPTS acronym has skills that helps keep you busy and distracted when you would typically be preoccupied by a crisis. It is easy to dwell on what is going wrong, by focusing on the ACCEPTS behaviors, you can get yourself through hard times. The acronym A: ActivitiesC: ContributingC: ComparisonsE: EmotionsP: Pushing … Continue reading Wise Mind: ACCEPTS Skill (Distress Tolerance from DBT)


This is a popular grounding technique, and it is for everyone. This technique engages all 5 senses, which reminds you of the present moment, and builds awareness. This is a calming technique that can help you get through tough or stressful situations. Taking a deep belly breath at the beginning and end of this activity … Continue reading MINDFULNESS 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 GROUNDING TECHNIQUE

Mindfulness (DBT)

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is choosing to be aware of the present moment, on purpose, and in a non-judgmental way. When being mindful, our attention and focus is on whatever we choose to observe or do.In this moment, choose to focus your mind wherever you'd like it to be. Practice Maybe you focus on your … Continue reading Mindfulness (DBT)

Dialectics (DBT)

What are dialectics? Dialecticss relate to our theories and ideas, in terms of the OPPOSITE way we think. Here are some thinking patterns that we all experience, and get caught up in, it does us no favors to become stuck!:▪︎ "All-or-nothing" thoughts.▪︎ "Either-or" thoughts.▪︎ "Black-and-white terms."Instead of thinking this way, we should think in terms … Continue reading Dialectics (DBT)

Mindfulness Walk Activity

Mindfulness and walking are highly beneficial to your mental health, especially when you do them routinely. Try combining them! Go on a walk. You can walk inside (yes, it still works) or outside, done alone, while walking the dog, or with another person. - just don't have a conversation with the other person while doing … Continue reading Mindfulness Walk Activity