Ways that We Keep Distance in Our Relationships in Order to Manage Anxiety

We have ways to manage our anxiety by distancing ourselves from others, which may be a quick way to relieve stress, but the behavior comes with consequences. We stay late at work to avoid our spouse, we might not share our true beliefs with friends out of fear that they will disagree, and due to … Continue reading Ways that We Keep Distance in Our Relationships in Order to Manage Anxiety

IMPROVE Skill (Distress Tolerance from DBT)

IMPROVE IMPROVE the Moment is the next skill. The acronym IMPROVE makes life a little bit better when it is not going so well.During a crisis, you have two options. You can sink into the distress or invest in behaviors that might improve how you feel in the moment. The acronym I: ImageryM: MeaningP: PrayerR: … Continue reading IMPROVE Skill (Distress Tolerance from DBT)

Wise Mind: ACCEPTS Skill (Distress Tolerance from DBT)

Wise Mind: ACCEPTS The ACCEPTS acronym has skills that helps keep you busy and distracted when you would typically be preoccupied by a crisis. It is easy to dwell on what is going wrong, by focusing on the ACCEPTS behaviors, you can get yourself through hard times. The acronym A: ActivitiesC: ContributingC: ComparisonsE: EmotionsP: Pushing … Continue reading Wise Mind: ACCEPTS Skill (Distress Tolerance from DBT)

Distress Tolerance (DBT)

Distress Tolerance (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) When people "cope" with stress and crisis, they find out ways (behaviors) that relieve stress, however, some of these ways come with heavy consequences. Examples of ineffective behaviors are drug and alcohol use, self-injury, gambling, spending money, and overeating.We can learn distress tolerance skills to effectively manage the stress and … Continue reading Distress Tolerance (DBT)

Mindfulness (DBT)

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is choosing to be aware of the present moment, on purpose, and in a non-judgmental way. When being mindful, our attention and focus is on whatever we choose to observe or do.In this moment, choose to focus your mind wherever you'd like it to be. Practice Maybe you focus on your … Continue reading Mindfulness (DBT)

Dialectics (DBT)

What are dialectics? Dialecticss relate to our theories and ideas, in terms of the OPPOSITE way we think. Here are some thinking patterns that we all experience, and get caught up in, it does us no favors to become stuck!:▪︎ "All-or-nothing" thoughts.▪︎ "Either-or" thoughts.▪︎ "Black-and-white terms."Instead of thinking this way, we should think in terms … Continue reading Dialectics (DBT)