Gardening Improves Mental Health

Some people love gardening, they love getting in the dirt, being outside, the cultivating, and the rewards. Our ancestors’ ancestors’ succeeded through working the land. That positive behavior and impact on our reward systems is there and ready to be used. Even for novice gardeners, gardening improves mental health. Research reflects that there’s a possible … Continue reading Gardening Improves Mental Health

4 Ways to Reduce Anxiety

People are under an increased amount of stress due to the ongoing 2020 coronavirus pandemic, which has no concrete ending. People who don’t have a mental illness disorder, such as anxiety, are also experiencing mental health vulnerabilities during this time. They report having issues like difficulty concentrating, difficulty remembering things, sleep disturbance, and decreased mood. … Continue reading 4 Ways to Reduce Anxiety

Talks & Workshops

I lead a workshop for trail and ultra runners called The Power of Mindfulness in Trail Running. THE POWER IS WITHIN YOURSELF. The workshop is packed with high quality information on what mindfulness is, who it benefits, what the benefits are, practicing it at home, and using it for trail racing. The workshop is interactive; I provide a variety of mindfulness exercises and lead the group through a couple. The exercises are fun and relaxing. I receive positive feedback from participants and they discuss ways that they can apply the skills that I teach them.


This is a popular grounding technique for children and adults. This technique engages all 5 senses, which reminds you of the present moment, and builds awareness. This is a calming technique that can help you get through tough or stressful situations. Taking a deep belly breath at the beginning and end of this activity can … Continue reading MINDFULNESS 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 GROUNDING TECHNIQUE

What is Mindfulness and How to be More Mindful? (DBT)

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is choosing to be aware of the present moment, on purpose, and in a non-judgmental way. When being mindful, our attention and focus is on whatever we choose to observe or do. In this moment, choose to focus your mind wherever you’d like it to be. Practice Maybe you focus on … Continue reading What is Mindfulness and How to be More Mindful? (DBT)

Everyday Mental Health Rituals

Check out this list of supportive mental health rituals. Are you already doing any of these? If these are new to you, choose any two and begin to add them into your daily routine. While completing a ritual, take a mindfulness approach and practice being aware and non-judgmental in the present moment. Acknowledge and absorb … Continue reading Everyday Mental Health Rituals

Anxiety and Management

Articles and resources on anxiety and how to manage it. Shannon works with Pennsylvania runner’s, athletes and people who want to incorporate exercise or movement into their lives. Helping people work through anxiety, trauma and eating disorders. We can also talk about the unique issues that athletes face.

3 Mindful Strategies to Increase Positivity During Hard Times

Limit exposure Practice reframing thoughts Allow yourself to feel peace Limiting exposure to news and social media, reframing thoughts, and finding peace are 3 mindful ways to increase positivity, but there are other paths out there, as well. Participate in 2 to 3 mindful activities for a few weeks or a month to see what … Continue reading 3 Mindful Strategies to Increase Positivity During Hard Times

Visualize How to Accomplish Tasks Throughout Your Week

Have you ever felt disorganized, overwhelmed, and unsure of how you are going to accomplish everything in your week? Utilizing a visualization strategy can help. They allow us to see a detailed, bigger picture. Visualizations can also improve our awareness, ways we problem solve, and builds our consistency to follow through on plans and tasks. … Continue reading Visualize How to Accomplish Tasks Throughout Your Week